Well Hello Again!

Well I’m back. How did you survive those two days without me? Let’s hug it out .

I owned my final exam this morning like a boss. Which says a lot since I spent last night watching this…

Best. Movie. Ever.

At my Weight Watchers meeting (before my final) the receptionist looked concerned and asked me “Did you know you were gonna gain this week.” At that point I checked my pants to make sure I wasn’t busting at the seams. Whew, everything was still in on.

I feel like that question is kinda silly because with scales it’s always a crapshoot. This week was no different than any other week since rejoining for me. Knowing if one is gonna gain or lose is like knowing if you’re gonna win the lottery, you just don’t know. Especially with women #truth

I feel like some people might think my approach, weighing in but not actually knowing the exact number, is not keeping me accountable. As if I’m just laddeedaa every week when it comes to progress and won’t get anywhere without knowing the all mighty number. I see it this way – the scale is a tool that I am not a fan of and never will be. I only weigh in because I probably couldn’t attend Weight Watchers meeting otherwise and I like the non-scale support. My pants fit no different than they did last week. In the past if I knew my weight/gained for a week, my mind would suddenly tell me pants don’t fit, I’m fat, I’m a failure.

Now I am keeping tabs on my weight sort of speak, but not obsessing. Like if I am “up” next week that will be enough of a trend for me to rethink my eating habits, why I am eating, my triggers. I don’t need the actual number to reap the benefits because I am better off than I was when I rejoined on November 9th.

And THAT’s how the cookie crumbles.

- Panda

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  1. Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles says:

    Great job on your finals, that is always a good feeling to do well and be done with them!! :)


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