You may or maybe didn’t notice I made a new start on Instagram. While @thepandapost is still active, I am soon going to delete that account. I can now be found under @thepandasplate.


2017 has been a rough year for me. I have gotten my work stolen twice on IG. Soon after, I deleted a bunch of content in hopes of starting anew. I wanted to clean house. That did nothing for me and according to IG gossip, I may have inadvertently killed my engagement/reach. In a nutshell, most of followers don’t even know I exist anyways. 

Call it soul searching or wanting a fresh start, this decision of mine did not come easily. I have debated on this for months. Everything in my world is branded “ThePandaPost”. It’s just who I am. I hope my new username still helps me stick to “roots” since y’all know me as “the panda”. 

I promise to write more, I promise to get the blog back to its former glory, and I promise to have a rockin’ IG full on inspiration. 

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