What can I accomplish in 2 months? Can I really make a difference? Should I just wait till after the holidays? The new year is right around the corner! 

Is this dialogue familiar to you cause it’s familiar to me! I realize every time I start that kinda of chatter in my head it is hard to shake. Then, suddenly, the holidays are over like that and I weigh the same (or more) than when I started. Most holiday seasons I am thrilled when I maintain, but I realize if I do the same now, I am selling myself short.

2016 has been all about risk for me. I took a leap restarting my health journey even when my track record was less than par! I started a new job after spending 8 years, almost my entire 20s, at the same company. I went to group fitness classes that I was nervous to try. I put myself out there for blogging opportunities even when I didn’t have the follower number requirements to qualify. I did a DietBet and won, even though I had lost 4x before! I have spent 10 months going through a lot of change. Now, 2 months before the end of the year and WW rejoin-versary, I am ready to end this year on an awesome note. And I know, you’re too.

But that chatter I talked about above, is so real right now. Lately I’ve been struggling with momentum. I feel worn down, in a funk, just not me. I don’t feel like I am in shape. My current DietBet was going great and then one weekend trip and poof, the scale blows up. I don’t feel like I am gaining the progress desired. The pounds lost are great but I want more. I want more because my major weight gain this past Monday really got to me. 

In this picture above I felt fabulous and no number on the scale mattered. Truly living beyond the scale. Wearing a designer skirt I could not have worn a year ago. But clothes aren’t enough. I need more so when I have bad weeks on the scale I can handle it better. It’s rough, and I know my readers can relate. We all logically know that one week is so small but in the moment it feels so big. 

I am not giving up on the DietBet and I’m also not going to sell myself short with a goal-less holiday season. I’m getting myself back to fitness goals and I’m going to start with running, a 5k race, before the end of the year. December 2006 was the first time I ever did a race, so it’s only fitting I give it another go 10 years later. 

Challenge yourself and make a goal, big or small, to work on this holiday season. Do you have a holiday goal this season? Need accountability? Shoot me an email or message me on Instagram or Facebook. My door is always open. 

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