“Look at that funny-looking dog” – my first words when I met Jax. 

There he was: A multi-colored, love-on-me, attention-seeking, mutt. He was orange, black, white, and brown! I hadn’t planned on adopting a dog that evening…and I didn’t. We parted ways after a few minutes of cuddles.

A week later…

“Babe, can we go back and get the crazy colored dog?”  – I sure knew how to sell it to my boyfriend. Of course he made me fill out the adoption paperwork so he could always say this was my idea, not his ;-). 

$300…$500 later I had a new dog and a lot of dog items. Bye checking account, but it doesn’t sink in that you have a new dog until you’re outside at 4am letting him pee, in February. Note: don’t get a new dog in winter. 

Months turned to years and Jax, well, he is one of the pack. 

We do almost everything together.

And while Jax can be a classy pup at the winery…

He is also a very active dog as well…

I have tracked my own activity for years but now I am tracking Jax’s activity too with Whistle! Yay, my dog is actually lazy! I kid, I’m shocked how active this pup truly is.

And unlike our wrist wearing trackers, Whistle easily attaches to the dog’s collar. More importantly, Jax doesn’t mind wearing it. 

And while activity tracking is great, Whistle’s best feature is its GPS tracking. We may use a GPS tracker to train for a 5k race; for Jax, it’s so I can find that crazy dog if he gets away. At any moment I can log into the Whistle app and find Jax, with an approximate address location. Definitely gives me a peace of mind in case he smells a lovely Thanksgivjng turkey dinner and goes exploring. 

Think your pup may go exploring these holidays to find their holiday feast and you want a Whistle too? Right now you can get $30 off your own Whistle GPS Pet Acitvity Tracker! Use this link here for the discount. Discount is available through 11/23/16 so get to it!  

Disclaimer: I received the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker in exchange for my honest opinion/review, a part of a campaign with FitApproach/SweatPink. All responses are my own and I really do like this product. 

One thought on “Rover Review – Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

  1. Jax is such a cutie! Looks pumped to be tracking his fitness :-). This seems like a great device, and perfect for any pups like to bolt out the door when the opportunity strikes (my dog growing up was known for this…)

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