DietBet Progress: -9.4/7.9 LBS
Progress: 100%
Days Left: 0 days! Game is over!

“The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval” – Denis Waitley.

Not only did I meet my DietBet goal, I surpassed it! 

I was that kid in gym class who couldn’t climb the rope because my weight was too much for my arms. I was that teenager who skipped junior sizes and had to buy woman sizes. I was that young woman who in her early 20s said “Maybe I am just supposed to be fat.” I was the 28 year-old, 4 weeks ago me that had never won a DietBet.

Then I realized I have two options:

1) I can dwell on all those moments of struggle, from childhood to adulthood, and stay in a pattern of spinning tires. #woeisme #lifeishard

2) I can fake it till I make it. Visualize meeting my goals, tell myself I got this louder than my voice that always says “you fail.” #believeinyoself

I went with the latter.

Now I am a woman that has won a DietBet. I am a woman who worries less about clothes fitting. I am woman who hasn’t attempted a rope climb in a very long time, someone get me a rope!

I realized my list of reasons of why I would fail again were actually just a list of excuses.

My list of (reasons) excuses:

  1. Setting a timer on weight loss is silly.
  2. You have never lost that amount of weight in that short of time.
  3. You are still in a new job, you need to focus on work.
  4. You didn’t lose any weight over the summer.
  5. You have stuff to do this month (seriously, Kathy?). You should be happy with spending another month maintaining.

What is on your list?

I am not some anomaly. I wasn’t slapped with a special stick that allowed me to be successful. I WORK. Sometimes the work doesn’t feel like work and sometimes it feels like a mountain to climb. No one is accountable for my choices but me, and that is truly what I learned over these past four weeks. All of my excuses are not worth believing compared to how I feel right now. This is so much more then bit of cash that will be paid out to me. This Weight Watchers DietBet was attitude changing, for all the right reasons.

Would I do a DietBet again?  Yes.

What is my next goal? Probably join another DietBet (or StepBet) 🙂


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