Someone asked me the other day about how I deal with negative talk. Specifically, talk from others discouraging me on my weight loss journey. I am fortunate enough, that in my 13 years trying to figure out, most people in my life are really supportive.

But there is one person who isn’t all the time.


Wait wait, before you go crazy, knowing that I am the believe in yo self girl, hear me out. Because let’s be real, we all have our bad days.

My bad days typically deal with my chronic illness, Postural Orthostatic Tachyacardia Syndrome (POTS). It was Fall 2012 when I was diganoised, and while I have made great strides in improving my attitude (and managing my symptoms) since then, some days just aren’t good. Yesterday was one of those. I had to end a workout because I became crazy dizzy/lightheaded. As I sat on the floor in the lobby of the studio, calming my body down, I was disappointed and beyond frustrated. My head was flooded with negative self talk…
“Clearly your body doesn’t want you to workout, you should stop going to studio classes.”

“How are you ever going to reach your weight loss goals, when you know you require a high salt diet?” 

“Kathy, you aren’t going to keep this weight off, you can’t even do the tasks required to stay fit.”

It was awful. Embarrassed and discouraged, I left the studio and sat in my car. I waited for family to get a ride home, feeling sad that I had to call to get a lift. Feeling that I am failing at my weight loss journey. Diet and exercise are how I manage POTS and I want nothing more than to feel in control of my body. 

We all have moments that test our ability to believe in ourselves. Feeling that we can’t shhhh the negative talk. As my boyfriend drove me home from class he said, “quitters never win and winners never quit.” That is some deep talk before 8 a.m., but it made me realize this; I still had another 14 hours to have a good day. 

Pulling out my bag of tricks to feel better, 17,000 steps later, I was successful at turning my day around. But what if I couldn’t have? What if my body had refused and I was forced to be in bed? Then what? I can’t out think my chronic illness, just like some people can’t find the positive support around them on their weight loss journey. The only thing you really can control, is how you feel about the situation. Not letting others’ discouragement dictate your actions and then you not caring about your weight loss. For me, it would be allowing POTS to discourage me to a point where I wouldn’t even try. Trying and failing is more than not trying at all. 

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