Food. Why do I give it so much power? When I tell people I started another DietBet I receive concern “well, the holidays are coming”. Yeah, they are, and I am worried too. Why? Are there really magical creatures in my closet sewing my clothes tighter or am I just using the holidays as an excuse?

I am, it’s an excuse.  A football party, Halloween candy on the counter, or drool-worthy fall desserts, there is always a situation where I could blow my calories for the day. The holidays mean there will be an abundance of these situations. Situations don’t control my choice, I do.  

I feel empowered when I am accountable for my dietary decisions. For me, that’s taking back the power from food. I have talked about this before, my thought process with the bread basket. All the thoughts that circle my head if I should grab a piece or not. I am giving those carbs way more credit than they deserve, seriously. 

I have been fat, and more recently, I am thin. I have seen my emotional response to food on both ends of the weight spectrum. There are a lot of similarities. What I noticed is that old feelings, habits, and emotions are hard to shake. I am not some magical panda that can undo in a snap a lifetime of consuming food for the wrong reasons. I try, but I forgive myself for not being there. 

That picture may show that I have it together but on the inside, there are definite struggles. I have been told if I think and eat like a skinny person I wouldn’t have issues with food. Um, thanks? I still haven’t figured out what that means, but I’ll let you know if I do. 

I am using multiple tools for accountability this holiday season. DietBet, a few dress rentals from Rent the Runway, the wonderful ladies and gents on Instagram. I am doing my best so set myself up for success. So, when I am in a bad head space, it’s only temporary, and doesn’t influence my decisions and actions. Many thanks to the many people who reach out to me on here and my social media platforms, y’all are truly a big part of my weight loss journey. 

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