Life, when it goes to plan, is awesome. Everything clicks, almost effortless, you feel like you got your ish together. You walk down the street and feel like a BOSS. This is far cry of where my life was at a year ago.

DietBet Progress: -4.2/7.9 LBS
% Progress: 53%
Days Left: 15 Days

I got my ish together and it feels good. *insert all the feelin’ good emojis*

Now, it hasn’t been exactly effortless. Me and Oprah are clearly meant to be besties because I Iove bread too. But my biggest struggle isn’t the bread itself, but my thoughts about the bread.

Think about sitting at a dinner table and the bread basket is passed around. You have two options right? Skip the basket or take a roll. Easy. Well in my head this happens…

  • Do I have the point allowance for the roll?
  • Am I hungry?
  • I am wanting a piece to not feel left out?
  • Am I eating just so I have something to do while waiting for the main course?
  • How long has it been since I last had bread?
  • Maybe if I workout later it will cancel out the bread.
  • Omgah just look at the butter on the bread!
  • Bread is bae.

Please raise your hand now if you can relate. 🙋🏻

That is why I food track. It is fundamental for my success on DietBet and really my entire life. It was the main thing I restarted when I joined the bet. Why? Because it’s a non-emotional way to look at food. I either have the points or I don’t. It makes the decision to take or not take the roll easier. The hardest part about a weight loss journey isn’t the weight, it’s your damn head playing games with you.

With two weeks to go in the DietBet, I am feeling the pressure. Remember my last blog post? I have never won a DietBet and I want to break that streak. Hell I want to break my overall weight loss plataeu (caused by inconsistent food tracking). Beyond the bet, my one year Weight Watcher rejoin-versary is 12/31/15 and I want to be as close to goal weight as possible.

Let’s do this!


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