Every time I said “I am going to start tomorrow” I was missing the opportunities of today. That an additional 12-24 hours to think about my health, not take actual actions, would make a difference. You don’t get ready for weight loss/healthy living, this isn’t test prep, you just start.

My #transformationTuesday pictures as of late feature then pictures of myself at race events. At 50 LBS heavier than I am now. I remember the struggle of each race, the extra weight holding me down. I was NOT ready for many 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, and the one full marathon I completed. Yet, I still toed many starting lines. Prove to myself that I was not going allow the wait till tomorrow attitude, to stop myself today.

When we waste our time looking for the easy button to press, we lose. That time can be spent performing the actions necessary for success. Anyone who struggles with their weight like I do understands. I have spent the majority of my life fat. The last time my weight was in a normal weight range for my height, Pokemon was played with cards.

It is so easy to put off something today with the promise of doing it tomorrow. Tomorrow, Monday, the 1st of the month isn’t magical. Reminding myself of this has been very difficult lately. I keep waiting till tomorrow, and it comes, and my habits are the same. I am too busy thinking about that magical tomorrow. Then, I weigh in, the scale continues the 1-3 pound dance up and down. Tomorrow really isn’t that great when nothing ends up getting done. I have come so far in my journey and am proud of my progress. I am learning to not just lose weight but more importantly, to maintain it the loss. But I want more, I am capable of more, and I refuse to settle.


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