Life has an interesting way of surprising you when you least expect it. The daily grind can become so ingrained within us that it takes something major to really shake us up. Over the last six weeks I have been treated to a smorgasbord of emotion. I started a new job, in a new city, after close to eight years at the same job. To further elaborate, I transitioned from a job in the suburbs of Virginia to a job in Washington D.C.; perfect timing with our transit system in chaos. My daily grind is truly shaken and stirred.

I am still standing though, even with all the emotional breakdowns along the way. My committment and consistency to food tracking and workouts has faltered but I have maintained my weight.  Somehow. I feel out of sync with this major component of my life. This has lead to anxiety and guilt but I know my mind is right and getting back into the groove is not rocket science. The boyfriend asked if I wanted to go to a winery this weekend. My response? I prefer to workout instead, workouts over wine.


To be honest, liquids of the alcoholic variety have taken priority over workouts too often these last six weeks anyways.

However, while getting back into the groove is as simple as tracking my breakfast or lacing up my sneakers, the logistics have me in a tailspin. Certain luxuries, like being close to home to shower after a morning workout or telework to have my refrigerator at my disposal, is not possible anymore. I cannot allow this to overwhelm me as this is the reality for many people. I accepted this career, without hesitation, now I have to make my new daily grind work. The more I let it defeat me the more it won’t happen. Consistency is the key to all of this and I am ready to find my new normal.


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