One year ago I heard about this cool new spin studio only minutes from my house; Zengo Cycle. A party on a bike. This ain’t your average gym spin class. Wait, the first class is free? Sign me up.

Up until this point I had limited experience with boutique fitness studios. They intimidated the hell out of me. I was your classic gym goer and bike trail/sidewalk warrior. But remember, the first class is free and I already owned clip in bike shoes. I had to go at least once. With my bike reservation complete, picking a spot where I would be alone, I went. Here were my top ten thoughts from my first class.

  • This studio is trendy. Just look at those lockers.
  • Wait, how do I use these lockers? Help.
  • I feel like I am walking into a cave, it is so dark and mysterious.
  • Oh no, why did I chose a bike where everyone is facing me?
  • This is why no one is booked on the side-facing bikes.
  • Ooh class is starting. So excited.
  • Wait, not excited, this music is crazy loud.
  • I am uncoordinated. What is happening? A press? Pulse? This shouldn’t be so hard.
  • It kinda is like a party in here, but I feel like the awkward kid in the corner with no friends.
  • It is over. Thank goodness. My ears are still ringing from the music.

I walked out with a great calorie burn but also felt slightly defeated. Yes, my Instagram caption was slightly sugarcoated.  I waited until September 2015 to attend my next class. The truth is, my second class made me feel more defeated than my first. After that second class I told my boyfriend I would never go back again.

And I didn’t until January 2016. Third time’s a charm right? I remember that 6 a.m. class vividly. In my head I was battling my expectations while trying to set a good intention for my ride. Way too deep thinking for 6 a.m. in the morning. Something happened though. Be it the lack of coffee or new found confidence, I was enjoying the class. My presses and pulses may not have been on point but I was smiling.  

Zengo Cycle is now the highlight of my workout week. I attend one, sometimes two classes a week. I celebrated my birthday there. My refrigerator at home has a Zengo Cycle magnet on it, a magnet I received after purchasing a Zengo Cycle shirt.

Be it a spin class or anything else in life, sometimes things don’t click the first time around. We live in an era where people are quick to pass judgement. Patience in the process is annoying. The effort to give something another go sounds like too much effort. Many don’t want to spend the time to see if the unknown will work, especially if it didn’t the first time. Remember my reluctance to rejoin Weight Watchers? I believe this is fifth or sixth time rejoining, the deck of negative expectations truly stacked against me.  The difference now is my attitude. How did I find my zen at Zengo Cycle? The difference is in me using ear buds.

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