The phrase “dress for the job you want.” Typically this means looking like a professional. In my mind this translated to wearing a suit. Success in a suit. Everyone in my life showed me this. I remember as a child watching my Dad with his cool work badge and nice clothes. I remember proudly showing him my badge over breakfast one morning when I begun my internship. I was finding success even as a young college student. I was so proud of myself.

As the years trickled on however, I found myself feeling less successful. In 2015 any confidence I had completely plummeted. Out of school, unable to advance my career, spinning tires week after week. My entire life success was in a suit and I wasn’t living it. I felt worthless. I valued myself less. I spent hours after work mindlessly watching television. Behind the blog, Instagram pictures and Facebook post was a girl who had no energy for life. I would cry over my career. I would say aloud “work is everything.” Little did I realize I was being so narrow-minded, it was just how I was raised.

2016 begun with a renewed purpose, me. I won’t rehash all my posts that discuss this, majority of my readers have seen the progression. Blocking out the negativity, or at a minimum caring about it less, I found the light in my life that I was missing. Then it hit me. My success is not in a suit, it is in a sports bra and leggings. This is not a sideline passion, this is what I want for my career.


So here I am. I have no idea what I am doing. I have blogged since 2010, active on social media for a handful of those years. I have sense of what I do want and maybe even a better sense of what I do not want. Even though my vision is vague it is still exciting. For so long I have been chasing dead-end career goals. The hardest part is letting those goals go. Stop working to make others proud and make myself proud. Let go of the expectations of others. My Dad wanted nothing more than me to become like him professionally. I envied what he accomplished but also was heart-broken about his health. I swore up and down when he passed away I would always put health first, not career. I guess in my case, health will become my career, so it is okay for it to come first.


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