Expectations are a belief. Intentions are a plan. Toxic expectations based on past failures lead to present day disappointments. Thoughtful intentions however, lead to present day progress, building momentum to where we really want to be.

My resolution for 2016 is accountability. Responsible for tracking my food every day and exercising five times per week. Putting in the work instead of the expectation that paying money to Weight Watchers means I am gifted results. Living my intention, my plan, that I will succeed, even when doubt creeps in.

Weight Loss Progress

Progress from 12/31/15 to 2/25/16. Overall progress – 30lbs

My intention is to hit certain weight milestones by certain dates…the first being my birthday in April. My drive undeniable and my plan is borderline unrealistic.  But what is the point of setting the bar if you don’t set it high? I would much rather challenge myself, give it my all, and not meet my goal than play it safe. When I play it safe, set expectations, I justify unhealthy food choices and skipping workouts. My blog tagline is “Push Forward. Make Progress. Be Your Priority“, the 3 P’s of The Panda Post. Progress only comes by pushing and setting yourself as the priority.

In February I was purposely active, sports bra n’ all 23 out of 29 days. I didn’t just happen to get these workouts in. I scheduled, I prioritized, I drove my butt at 4:55am 25 minutes from home to try new workout classes. I was in a constant state of doing leggings laundry…which lead to a treat yo self legging and tank purchase at Lucy on Leap Day 😉

March, I am ready for you.


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