I still find this fortune cookie obnoxious 5 years later… 


Following information updated on 4/15/16 to reflect new dates & numbers. Basically I found another website with MORE information, that I actually weighed more than intinally believed. 

Speaking of going back in time, yesterday I decided to dive into my weight loss past. It brought be back to January 1, 2014. I then realized I had enough data between multiple health websites to track my weight to present day, or in my case, when I rejoinded Weight Watchers on 12/31/15. The results spoke for themselves.

From 1/1/14 to 12/31/15 I lost lost 20.4 pounds. On some weeks it was 25 or 26 pounds lost but ultimately it was 20.4 pounds. My weigh ins legit look like mountains, up down week after week, no consistency with minimal progress.

I clearly had commitment issues with weight loss. 

From 12/31/15 to 3/22/16 I have lost 20.4 pounds. Exact same amount of weight loss, 3 months versus 2 years. 

I now have a better understanding behind those inspirational Pinterest quotes…

There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going…Consistency is the key to progress…If you give a mouse a cookie, but you won’t, because that cookie is yours.

Jokes aside, that lack of progress in 2014 all the way through 2015, to my overwhelming progress in 2016 is a testament between giving a shit and not. To not waiting for the next day, next week, next full moon to pick myself up after a tumble. On mornings where brunch is a feast for champions, you bet your booty my lunch and dinner were scaled back a lot. On days I missed a workout, I pushed a little harder the next day.

So many times I have cried that I want something to work when that something was me. It’s me. It’s you. You can’t wish your way into a new body like you can’t wish your way into a new job. I feel silly, of course I always knew this. What I wasn’t grasping was the effort required to reach my goals. This ain’t easy honey. Maybe I became too set in my ways and wanted comfortable.

I am approaching numbers on the scale I haven’t seen since I met my boyfriend in 2008. But that’s just extra, with the right angle and lighting, I have some definition on my abs. Mind blown, but I’m keeping my shirt on for now.

Yes this blog post was braggy but when you don’t run anymore, don’t have fitness events to train for, suddenly your new medal becomes you. My focus is all on me, not some half marathon medal. I can’t help but feel excited, anxious, nervous, optimistic all in nice little package with a bow.

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