The confirmation email that you get when signing up for a race is always filled with nerves and excitement. The elation of “woohoo, I just paid a lot of money to pound my feet on the pavement but I get a cool shirt!”.  The fear of “ugh, I actually have to exert actual movement to accomplish what I just paid a lot of money for.” The overall relief of “so happy I just registered my boyfriend and not myself!”

Yeah, this story has nothing to do about me.

I still loathe running.

Even with my running rants, trying to talk him out of it, the boyfriend wanted me to register him for the race of all races, the Marine Corps 17.75k. The race, that when you finish 11.3 miles, you get automatic entry in the Marine Corps Marathon in the Fall.

I got him in.

It is all bittersweet. He got in, awesome. The point of this race is to do the marathon in the Fall. He will have to train all Summer and Fall. Yay?

When you partner trains for a distance race you ultimately are brought along for the ride.  Typically the tables are turned and it has been me doing the running. I have put him through a lot over the years when it comes to running, so now it is my turn to return the favor. All I really wanna do is eat waffles and barre though. I have my own goals yo.

This is all new territory for me. Supporting from the sidelines without taking away from my own goals #barreandwaffles. For a millisecond I considered trying my luck at signing myself up too. Then I realized I am perfectly happy having no goals and just working out for the sake of working out. ClassPass (referral link)  has been godsend in allowing me to do just that. Running just isn’t on my radar. My commitment to my boyfriend and seeing him succeed is though 😉.

Why do I feel like I am going to struggle finding boundaries with the want to support him but also the need to keep my own fitness goals in check? A struggle of signing myself up for races just because he will be there. If I sign up for races, can I afford workout clothes? *small violin is warming up*

I truly wonder if I will ever enjoy running again. 

Until then, I can be that dancing fool on the sidelines with the sign that says “hurry up and finish so we can eat breakfast!”


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