Earlier today I posted this picture on Instagram…

Sometimes you gotta do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around to see some progress.

I have thought a lot about my growing up the fat kid blog post. All those success, mistakes, setbacks, and comebacks to shape how I approach my health today. With every pound or inch lost I get insecure that I may indeed gain it back again.  I hate that I question my success. I get upset when I don’t see progress but then get overwhelmed when I do. Sent into panic mode that this moment isn’t going to last. I am indeed an after, that every day is an after, eases the anxiety but I would be lying if I said it completely eliminated it.

Sometimes this all feels way too emotionally complicated.

Our own belief system can be our best or worst enemy. It can inspire us or completely derail us. Inaccurate/negative thoughts can lead to unproductive patterns that can get us to a point we completely believe them for face value. They indeed become our truth and changing them feels near impossible. The reason I either gain or lose weight is linked to how I think about myself/situation around me. My actions are the consequence of those thoughts. How I let my belief system influence me today will 100% dictate success or struggle.

I am not some wise owl or whatever. A progress picture doesn’t prove that I know all the answers. All I have is opinions and understanding what my belief system can do will set the tone for me reaching my goals or not. Succumbing to pressure or just brushing my shoulders off and trying again. Rejoining Weight Watchers may have come from me liking that the new plan focuses on less sugar. Honestly though, the only reason I clicked subscribe is because I told myself “you are 100% capable of achieving the results you have always wanted.” It feels corny to say so, but believing in one’s self can go a long way. 


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