Why do we use workouts as a food reward system? Will run for wine, cardio for cookies, dead lifts for doughnuts. Why do we have to earn our food?

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I rejoined Weight Watchers. Oprah hypnotized me into starting again. As I am learning the new plan I have stumbled onto the discussion of…

“Why doesn’t Weight Watchers want me to eat my FitPoints. I workout so I can eat!”

Same thinking here sister, until I read the FAQs about FitPoints…

Exercise doesn’t cancel out food choices, so moving shouldn’t be an excuse to eat more.

FitPoints or just exercise in general, I have spent a good portion of my life using activity as a way to not feel guilty about my food choices. But was the guilt ever really removed? Most of time, I just felt guilty that undid my workout. In a nutshell, I never really enjoyed what I was eating, felt unsatisfied, and swore up and down that next time I would enjoy my treat with no strings attached.

I have used social media as way to get permission for my food choices too. I have posted pictures of food with the caption “better move my ass later.” As if I only get permission if I promise to myself, my bestie, the universe that I will workout later. Indulgent food is forbidden and is only a reward for good behavior.

Being overweight and obese for the majority of my adult life has lead to this thinking. Just like I work to earn my paycheck, I feel I have to earn my food. That because I am grown woman, who has a weight problem, I need to feel ashamed of my choices unless I repent by sweating on the spin bike. Furthermore, the joy that I could receive from the workout is tarnished. I am there for all the wrong reasons…to eat more.

I may be wrong, but I see Weight Watcher’s new Beyond the Scale program as a game changer. Looking at activity for reasons other than eat more or indulge. That when we do have an food indulgence, it is separate from the FitPoints we earned that day and stands on it’s own, something to enjoy without guilt. What we eat is what we eat and there ain’t no shame in it.





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