Why, when we ask ourselves about how we will lose weight and get into shape, our main solution is to spend money?

One of my friends presented me with this question, mainly because it is the new year and mainly because his pants don’t fit. My gut reaction was obvious, money motivates. We spend a good chunk of our lives figuring how to get more of it and spend less of it. Money sometimes can solve problems too. Flat tire, pay a mechanic to fix the tire. We use money for services rendered. Be it the new year, many of us are dishing out money to weight loss companies and gyms to serve us a better body.


We even play video games to win money.

I have spent thousands throughout my life on many different weight management and fitness services. I am entering 2016 still obese though. Spending money didn’t solve my problem. Paying another trainer didn’t yield results, well at least the results I pictured in my head. So why do we continue to get trapped in this cycle? Believe another dollar means I’ll be able to bounce a dime off my behind.

Money blurs the lines where services end and and where our own accountability begins. We can’t Amazon Prime ourselves a healthy body, which is probably why a lot of us end up disappointed in the results. Everything about our lives is instant. We want it all and we want it now. We spend that dollar and somehow believe that health will be delivered the same way, instantly with minimal effort. Even more so, if the dollar amount is higher, we expect even better results.

I belong to a gym, I pay speciality fitness boutiques, and I rejoined Weight Watchers which I swore up and down I would never do again. I could be delusional, another dollar wasted. If a dollar is wasted though, it is my own fault. In 2015 I even received a weight loss program for free and the most it did for me was maintain my weight. Free or for fee, my results remain the same, a plateau of minimal progress.

Did you read my sentence above though…

The most it did for me….

Problem in the pudding, the expectation that programs “do things to you” instead of you doing them yourself. Nothing will ever work unless you have your own accountability. Pay the gym all you want, you still have to drive and show up.

As we venture into 2016, I ask you to ask yourselves if accountability for your actions is your resolution. Truly, that is all we really need, regardless of money spent.


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