Well that 16 weeks came and went. The door has closed.

Over the Summer I announced I was doing a weight loss program called Prevent. I was excited for the blank slate. A new concept of weighing and tracking food for me. I dove right in. 

That time is now over. In 16 weeks I lost 6-8 pounds, depending on the day. Words like disappointment and discouraged have crossed my vocabulary but I cannot focus on that. It is a toxic way of thinking. 2015 has been nothing but a trying time so I am thankful for any progress. Progress is progress no matter the number. 

I now enter the substain phase of Prevent – 8 months of continuing habits and learning/making new ones. The program still has 16 pounds as the goal so I push forward. The Instgram is full of #holidaysweat workouts (which by the way, you can join in too! New prizes every week). Workouts, check. Food, so-so check. I can eat better and so I will.


A little housekeeping before I wrap this post up. I am a lot more active on social media than I am making actual blog posts. A lot of my story, journey, progress can be done through a picture or a tweet. @thepandapost on all of them. Find and follow ❤️

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