When Pure Barre challenged their clients to get Back to the Barre from September 1st to October 5th, I knew I wanted to participate. Over the summer I had purchased all four of the brand new workout DVDs. Then I bought a barre, mat, ball…errr…addicted? Let’s just say, reaching the 100 club at Pure Barre Fairfax earlier this year made my love for Pure Barre strong.Each DVD focuses on a certain area; Abs, Arms, Seat (your bum), and Thighs. Even though the official challenge/win prizes was for studios only, I knew I could still challenge myself at home by cycling through the DVDs.

How do the DVDs compare to taking an in-studio class?

Crank up the music* and get ready to sweat. These workouts give you that in-studio feel. They are challenging push you to the shake. Dare I say, some of the moves are even harder than what I have done in class.

*I personally use my own music and just turn down the volume on the DVDs so I can hear the cues only.

PB Collage

Which is your favorite DVD?

I have always had a bias towards seat work. It is my favorite part of class so naturally I assumed the seat DVD would be my fave. Well, that isn’t the case here. The DVD I keep putting on repeat is Arms. I recommend purchasing a 2 LB set if you don’t have them, every aspect involves weights with this DVD. I have a 3 LB set, much regret but much results and relief when the workout is done.

What equipment do you need?

You need a light set of weights, a mat, and a stable support for all the DVDs. You don’t need a barre but I love mine.The abs DVD incorporates the double tube.


Do you need to take a studio class to understand the DVDs?

As I mentioned above, I have taken over 100 classes at a studio, so I was very comfortable understanding a tuck, pulse, and anything else they could throw my way. The instructors however, do a phenomenal job setting up each movement and explaining how it is done. There is also a brief introduction before the workout even starts so you won’t be going “What the tuck”?

How often do you incorporate these workouts into your routine? 

About 2-3x a week. I do not get bored! The ! is necessary because I have always been that person that cannot workout at home. This is not the case. I can fit these DVDs into my busy schedule and look forward to them as well. While I am itching to get into the studio again, I can get my fix** this way too. The barre is always open at my house. 😉

**Pure Barre, by definition, is not a legit drug. But the results you get may be addicting.


Do I get a puppy?

Pure Pups are not included, but if you own one, watch out! They may think your Circle P ball is a play toy! Also invest in a door that can give you privacy as abs work may include getting tackled by a dog.

Any advice to first-timers thinking about giving Pure Barre a try?

You will not be disappointed with Pure Barre. The workout may seem intimidating and confusing but don’t run for the hills. I would recommend sitting and watching the workout before diving in. That’s what I did! Understand that an inch is small, a tuck doesn’t involve your shirt going into your pants, and shaking is a good thing! Who knows, maybe the DVDs will inspire you to join a studio.

Happy tucking everyone!



Disclaimer: Get medically cleared for physical activity by your doctor before starting a new workout. I am not a doctor, just a panda with an opinion. I am also not affiliated with Pure Barre, I just really like the workout. 

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