IMG_6698-1.JPGAs always check out the person that started it all, Running with Spoons.

  1. On Monday I chatted about starting over in September.  A big part of this is getting my blog together. It has been a hot mess for a very, very long time. I think my one struggle is figuring out why I am writing and who would want to read. It is time I make space for my blog posts that talk about my chronic illness, POTS, easier to locate. Now I have a page completely dedicated to these posts.
  2. Running with Spoons is more than just a weekly TOL gathering place. Can I just take a minute and say this recipe, Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Banana Bread is going to be made. I am drooling over here, which isn’t very lady like.
  3. Speaking of pumpkins, y’all realize Fall is almost here which means crazy pumpkin lady is coming out again..IMG_6389.JPGAddicted or just dedicated?
  4. Along with this topic I think it is about time I am a panda for Halloween. Yes, the self-proclaimed panda has never actually dressed up as a panda for said holiday. Did I just blow your mind? I probably did. I will be creating my own costume.
  5. I am glad to be writing again. It has been far too long.


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