My last post, almost a month ago, hinted that my summer was tough. I was reevaluating goals which were mainly running related. Since then I have cancelled all race plans. I cringe at the money wasted but sometimes life just gets in the way. In my instance, life was a big wall and instead of fighting to climb over, I sat leaned up against it until someone could throw over a ladder. 

A ladder has been thrown and I have started to climb.

The climb is consisting of stopping medication that was making my POTS symptoms worse. It is Pure Barre every other day to build back up the strength in my legs. Diet changes because they just need to happen. A lot is taking place right now which honesty should have been tackled months ago. It truly is a September Start Over.

I now am entering the half way point of the Prevent Now program. Yup, that is still going. A lot struggle and inconsistency on the scale. But there is a lot of inconsistency in my diet as well. A lot of scale going down to met with a lot of going up. A few days ago I was at -8LB but 3 days of gains have reduced that number. Just keep moving forward.  

The sunrise of a new season is on the horizon and I am climbing that ladder because I refuse to feel stuck anymore. 

So if by a miracle you still read The Panda Post, I am here to say I am back and will consistently write again. I have been so out of the loop with The Panda Post as a whole, blog and social media. I want to be back. Hi!

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