This is very long overdue review. But all that means is that I have owned it for many moons so I can give a pretty legit review.

Enter the Polar M400.

I purchased this watch back in January 2015. It replaced my Polar Loop (click here for that review) which I owned for about a year. I started my love affair with Polar back when I was 18 years old. A relationship that has spanned almost 10 full years, it is suffice to say I am fan of their products. I have purchased and owned 4 Polar products in total. I am not affiliated with them and the most I get out of them is the occasional like on my Instagram pictures. Hi Polar!

This product is a 24/7 wearable activity tracker. It only departs my wrist for charging. Which brings me to my first Q&A…

Q1: How good/bad/ugly is the battery life?

Unless I am working out daily and utilizing the GPS feature or Heart Rate feature, I can go a long enough time without needing a charge. I have no idea how long I truly go between charging, beause I am rarely charging it. It really doesn’t suck battery in the way my Polar Loop did.

I charge my watch using my laptop which allows me time to update the watch and download my workouts with FlowSync. Then, all my beautiful workouts are displayed on Polar Flow…


Q2. Laptop? Is there an app for that?

Glad you asked, yes there is! All that juicy information about your activity (and inactivity), sleep, steps, and calories burned.

Q3. Heart Rate Tracking…I need this in my life. What does it have to offer?

This feature of the watch only works if you’re wearing their Bluetooth H7 Heart Rate strap, which retails for around $50-ish dollars (or comes with the watch as a all in package for $229). For all my ladies out there, the strap goes comfortably around your ribs, right under the girls. I barely notice it on. I do use Electrode Gel for a better connection. Technology is changing almost everyday but I am not convinced (yet) by all the wrist heart rate trackers. My primary goal when purchasing this watch was accuracy during a workout, not knowing my heart rate basically 24/7, which is what other wearable trackers have to offer. This watch rarely drops my heart rate and is spot on when I compare it to my Pulse Oximeter.

Q4. Does it pair with social media, like the Apple Watch?

According to their website, it does! Have I ever used it? Nope…because I am lazy. Maybe I should start that feature.

Q5. Why do I like this watch over other wearables?

I am a very picky person about what I will have on my wrist. I even wrote my final research paper of my degree on the business industry of fitness wearables. I chose this watch because….

  • I am little bias towards Polar.
  • Water resistance. I attend water aerobics and more importantly, shower on the regular, and I don’t want to worry about my wearable getting wet.
  • The GPS functionality. I know, a lot of other wearables offer this, but in terms of picking one Polar product over another, I want an all-in-one package.
  • Stylish. I could afford to purchase an Apple Watch if I got a dollar every time someone has asked me if my Polar is an Apple Watch.  It now comes in Pink and Blue yo.

And that’s about it folks. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions!


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