Happy Fall! Where did the entire summer season go? I do know where it didn’t go and that was executing a consistent workout routine. My last successful month took place in May 2015.  And that is it, I know I can be successful. My success is defined as a routine that is sports-bra worthy at least four days a week, with a true goal of five days. What is your definition of success? I am positive a handful of my readers feel the way I do when priorities aren’t accomplished. Fitness is a priority for me and I have found every excuse in the book to let it slack. I barely recognize myself.

In all honesty, a lot of slack comes from workout anxiety. Yes, this marathon running and barre 100 club babe had a major case of workout anxiety this entire summer. One bad workout in June spiraled into me not wanting to workout in fear of how it would affect me POTS wise. I truly allowed my chronic illness to conquer my world.  The disappointment turned into depression and the depression turned into terrified to even try. I get it, some times I don’t feel well, it is just a fact of my life. But I didn’t even allow myself to see if I would feel fine while doing the workouts that I love.

THAT, was really hard to admit and share with y’all. 

So here I am, letting it all hang out (in a classy way of course). Summer to Fall is my hardest time of year for POTS but I will not relent. I am committing to myself, falling back into fitness. My accountability will be Instagram and my motivation will be my disappointment turning into determination. I will do this.


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