It has been one year since I first logged into MyFitnessPal and recorded my weight…
 Mind blown. One year, really?

I follow A LOT of awesome people on Instagram that have lost weight. In the comments, mainly on their body compare pictures, I sometimes see the question: How long did it take you? 

This got me thinking; what would I answer if asked that? 12 years? I lost 19 pounds this past year but what about all the previous times I lost weight..would I add those in? Do they even really matter now?

The time stamp put on weight loss drives me a little batty. 90 days to a new you…30 days to a beach body…7 days to flatter abs. My headline; keep doing it everyday for the rest of your life! Boorrrinngggg. Why am I even on Instagram or blog about this stuff anymore!

I blog because magazines don’t publish people like me on the cover. I am still not that ideal after picture. So on my little piece of the web I have a place to write that weight loss is a bitch. It is emotional and physical. I wake up some mornings with utter frustration that I have yet to figure out my formula for healthy weight maintenance. I may not let the scale overwhelm me anymore or am kinder to myself but some mornings I feel really freakin crappy about it all.

When life isn’t a progress picture what do you do? You just keep going. There isn’t a wagon to chase or get back on. You can’t get back on life. I used to believe I was either on the wagon driving it or completely off. For me it really isn’t either one as my hypothetical wagon has disappeared into the sunset.

The next time you feel flustered because this process isn’t that exciting just remember that it is okay. It may be that way sometimes. The fact you keep lacing up those workout shoes regardless makes you great.


One thought on “Weight Loss is Kinda Boring 

  1. You’re in the process of changing your life. No matter if you’re at 220 or 120 or 320. 7 days or 25 years later. And that’s something to be proud of. It takes more than 30 days and a beach body to be the best you.

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