It took a 15 second Instagram video (@loseitconkatie) to show to myself that I have been approaching WAY too many things based on the outcome instead of the process.

Lose weight, focus on the scale. Wrong. The scale dropping is an outcome. The process; food planning and activity, that is where the bread is buttered. Or in my case no bread because carbohydrates don’t wanna be friends with me.

Graduating college, focus on the diploma. Yeah, negative on that. More focus needed to be put on the classes I took instead of that piece of paper. Now I have a degree but the classes don’t match my desired career goals.

Running races. My track record is perfect when it comes to only thinking about race day instead of putting in quality training runs. Twice in my life I fully trained for a half marathon, and unfortunately I have completed more than two.

An endless cycle of wanting the outcome…the results…to push me. The results to shape my process. 

I can’t do this anymore, unless I am okay with mediocrity.

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This is great n’ all…that I am not that fifteen year old girl who didn’t complete burpees and just ate biscuits. BUT, I still want more. I want to excel farther when it comes to my body. I am tired of resting on what I have already done. What I could potentially do, the excitement of truly changing my body, running PRs at races, full body push ups at Pure Barre…THAT. That my friends is what I want.


One thought on “Process It

  1. I can totally relate! It is becoming a running joke that I never train for races. Once upon a time, I did, before grad school. I miss when I had the time and energy to dedicate to it. The process is pretty rewarding!

    PS. No one has any clue what they learned in college 😉

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