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Bad tachycardia…feeling lightheaded…overall unwell. I thought going low-carb/gluten free was supposed to solve all of this? Frustrated with my body but too stubborn to throw in the towel, I pushed forward with my workout class. I couldn’t give up after less than a month. With POTS it is always a gamble what the day will bring and somedays the wrong card is dealt. 

Things have been good but sometimes not so good. As POTSies will sometimes see only the positive when someone gets better. That the clouds have opened up, birds are singing and that we all must try their miracle “cure” too. I don’t want to give that impression and won’t sugar coat it. I’ve had a lot better days since adopting this diet but it by no means is smooth sailing.

As mentioned in this blog post, I spent the month of March completing 20 classes in 31 days in a Pure Barre workout class. I wore my body out, my energy diminished as the month pushed on. I have no one to blame but myself for pushing too hard. The thing is, I 100% know I could not have completed the challenge if I hadn’t adopted this diet at the same time. That my POTS would have flared worse, like it did in February. Many things about my symptoms have shifted. Getting out of bed is a little bit easier.

Noticeably, I feel a lot more alert. This not the typical adrenaline rushes we sometimes get. It takes more to fatigue me now, I have a better tolerance for daily tasks, with my workouts the icing on the cake. Ever heard of the Spoon Theory? Well now I am starting the day with more spoons and don’t have to give them away as quickly.

As a woman though, we know we are prone to hormone fluctuations depending on where we are within the month. For POTSies it can be downright miserable and I’m not just talking about cramps. If I had a dime for the amount of questions I see about time of month and POTS, I would have a lot of dimes. Has my diet helped this? Absolutely but definitely not symptom free.

I do not consider this a game changer, at least not right now. I am very much aware that I still have POTS. But, any relief is welcome and that is what I have gotten adopting a low-carb/gluten free diet. Doing gluten free only from March – June 2013 did not give me as much improvement. Even then I was still eating a carb heavy diet.

For now, I will do my next POTS update a month from now. I welcome any and all questions, so don’t be shy. Ask away in the comments (email: emailthepandapost@gmail.com). Please follow the links at the top of this to past posts. Some are POTS related and some are weight loss related.


Disclaimer: I am not a professional and cannot verify the accuracy of any diet information expressed in The Panda Post. I am merely sharing my experience in this process.

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