Story of my life. IIFYM homies.

Oh hi everyone. Retirement isn’t all it is cracked up to be. I needed 6 weeks to learn that.

So what have I done during the end of July/all of August since we last spoke?!?






Yeah…my life basically revolves around food and workouts. All good things 🙂

The scale has been in a champ in responding to my macro approach (you would know this if ya follow my Instagram – @thepandapost). I have been working HARD (at least in my own head). Even a long run doesn’t give me an excuse to go wild even though I feel like it should. I have found an awesome community of buddies on MyFitnessPal. I actually enjoy logging in to track. 109 day streak baby! Put that in your pipe and smoke it…or don’t, because smoking isn’t all that healthy.

Anything else happen? The boyfriend bought a house (congrats to him), I realized I still have mental demons to battle from ‘the clot’ almost exactly 2 years ago, and that POTS (my chronic illness in case ya forgot) makes marathon training REALLY HARD. But I am still here and still taking everything one day at a time. Oh and that Instagram is easier than blogging 🙂

6 weeks is exactly what I needed – I’m back kids. Maybe not blogging 24/7 but I have found I have enough to say that needs my blogging platform again.

This isn’t an amazing restart of the GREAT Panda Post (though I truly am great). I’m just picking up where I left off. When I stopped blogging/declared retirement I was frustrated with sharing my journey. I didn’t feel the need to explain what basically is my life, I just wanted to live it. However, the sucker for sharing within me let me know that I can share whatever I WANT. Maybe I’ll only post recipes from here on out, maybe I won’t blog for 3 weeks, maybe I will knit a sweater instead. Whatever it is, I am owning my little piece of web.

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