Inspired by Brooke: Not on a Diet Tough Love post, I am doing my own…

Kathy, I know how hard this past year has been. Going through some major life milestones without your Dad at times feel unbearable. But guess what, you’re still standing to fight another day.

The weight gain started right after he passed. The pieces of the puzzle make sense, you ate out of depression even if it didn’t feel like it was. I know, it is beyond frustrating when you feel like your diet is fine but your waistline doesn’t agree. But sitting here being bitter with your body doesn’t move you forward. All it means is that you have maintained a 35 pound weight gain basically since November.

So what is it about your lifestyle that is keeping you from success? Well for starters you need to shake up your diet. Yes, this means even more than you already have done. Stop stalling, you can’t expect new results with old actions. You do track daily and stay within your calorie goal which is great but we know your body needs more than that. It needs to follow macro guidelines strictly so your calories come from the right places.

You need to be stricter with your fitness routine, more consistency. You have to iron out the kinks now or kiss the marathon goodbye. Remember, you made this goal to run 26.2 during your 26th year of life and the only person holding you back from reaching it is you.

Also, it is time to think positive no matter how much POTS sucks. Lately you have been very upset about this which is causing for a negative attitude. Embrace the symptom free days and manage the not so good days. You CAN handle it. Chronic illness blows, but feeling like there is no hope blows more.

You also need to cut the crap about not being beautiful. Big freakin deal that you aren’t at goal weight, you still are beautiful so stop obsessing over your imperfections. You would never let a friend be this hard on themselves, so why be such a meanie to yourself?

Lastly, I know this uncharted territory to become debt free following Financial Peace University is overwhelming but remember the budget and things will fall into place. You can’t give this up. You must follow this goal through. Same with your health. Don’t bullshit for even one more meal. Meet your macro and financial budgets, I know you can, because you balanced school and work for 7 years, you can easily balance this.


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  1. Please let me know when your marathon is so I can come and cheer you on!!! I would run it with you but I’m already 27 (hehe) and I’m saving my money for a house and a new car (which I’ll be able to own in 30 years).

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