Blogging is a struggle for me right now kids. Almost as tough as track work in 92 degree heat.

Within the past week I have gone back and forth from completely retiring from blogging. If only blogging came with it’s own 401k package.

I think a lot of it is wanting to stop being so damn connected. On vacation last week I witnessed so many recording stuff instead of just being in the moment. To be honest, it would be nice to step on the scale and not feel the need to report it to the world.

July marks 4 years with The Panda Post. That is legit mind blown moment.

You all have probably noticed less posts from me and it isn’t because I am not following marathon training or my diet, I just don’t want to write about it. Which means I don’t get the views, which means my goals of becoming of FitFluential Ambassador are even farther way, which means I am doing nothing to build my blog. This odd for me, considering my goals have always been more views, more followers, overall more.

I’m okay less. I’m okay with not being connected. I’m okay with patience. I’m okay with not it being NOW. I’m applying this thinking to my finances and health as well and it feels good.

So, if you need a blog that posts all waking moments of everyday I am not your girl. I will write when truly inspired and when I can provide content of value. Just want you all to know The Panda Post is celebrating 4 years old with a new direction.

3 thoughts on “I’m Okay with Less

  1. 92 degree heat?! Are you INSANE? Ha. Just kidding. No. You’re tough. And hey…the person’s whose opinion matters most is yours. No one can/should judge you for not wanting to write about every detail of your life. I know I don’t. There are things I like to keep just for me and my memories. I think you can still grow your following though. Several FFAs only post once or twice a week. I know I feel…nervous…if I post less than three times, worried my views will dip or I’ll lose readers…but I have to remember my blog isn’t about being a slave to my stats/audience. It’s about sharing the things I want to share, connecting and communicating with other people who share my interests. I don’t socialize with people 24 hours a day every day, so I certainly don’t need to post a blog more than 3 times a week if I don’t want too! Sorry, that was long. 🙂 And I’m very impressed you live in that heat and run!

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