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I have thought about many ways to write this post, how to fuel fitness. But, what it comes down to is that I am not a nutritionist or dietitian so all I know is what I have learned over the years when it comes to my own diet. Basically I am as a credible as Google…

When it comes to fueling fitness a lot times we can be confused about what to eat…


I mean shoot, the whole clean eating (CE) thing just has me annoyed, because CE to one person could be completely junk food to another.

I also could spat off I eat this or that pre/post workout yet you’re sitting there with a food allergy and can’t eat the same thing.

So, clearly I need to give some advice/tip/idea to you when it comes to how to fuel your fitness with diet. I have one piece of advice…ready for it?!?

Eat what works for you

Is your mind blown yet? I bet it is.

What it comes to is that our bodies are not the same. Of course we all need the proper ratios of protein/fat/carbs but that is all relative. I would seek out a macro calculator (Google it) to find out what it recommends you do. Or better yet sit down with a dietitian! Go onto Pintetest or Instagram (@thepandapost, follow me) and get inspired to try new dishes. Discover that pre-long-run-meal that fuels ya just right but doesn’t give ya the sharts. This whole thing is trial and error my friends. We all know one size fits all is a lie, am I right or am I right?

~Personal Fitness Stuff~

So how is marathon training going? It’s going. I missed two group long run sessions back to back which basically has caused me to panic. Even making up one with the boyfriend still has me uneasy cause it wasn’t the same mileage requirements. I am thankful this week is a recovery week so I can play catch up but I refuse to miss anymore sessions.

Weight wise I am still trying to lose the few I gained while on vacation. This actually has me pissed because I kept the indulgences to a minimum but stilled gained. Baskin Robins, why you do me like that?

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