I want to welcome you to a brand new series called Fitness Fridays hosted by me and Jillian over at Baby Doodah! Each week we will have a theme and also talk about success and struggles on our health journeys. We also have a link up below so link your blog post (fitness and health related) and join in on the fun!

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This week’s theme is staying active while traveling or just really crazy summers in general. I dunno about you, but I feel like once the margaritas come out I begin making up excuses why it is hard to workout.

So here are my top 3 tips to stay active while traveling and/or busy schedule.

1. MAKE IT A PRIORITY. Quit the nonsense, schedule it as the first thing you do and get it done! Whether you’re in a hotel room or at home, the workout pants come before the sundress (well, unless it is a rest day, then just lounge in yoga pants all day). For this summer I have a marathon training group that will meet Saturdays probably before the sun even rises. This really doesn’t phase me because once that run is done I have the rest of the weekend to enjoy.

2. Have fun and get creative. Being active does not and shouldn’t be boring. When traveling maybe rent some bikes or try water sports. More of a staycation kind of deal? I live outside of Washington DC every week a local FB page posts FREE workouts going on downtown and in the suburbs.  Fun stuff can be found, ya just gotta look.

3. Last but not least, make a goal. Tell yourself that while on vacation you will take X amount of steps (everyone and their cousin owns a wearable tracker and a pedometer works too). Or make a goal for the entire summer, like fitting into a certain item of clothing or doing a fitness move that maybe you couldn’t do before. I do well with structure which is exactly why I am marathon training. I am turning my intention into action.

When it comes to my own journey for this week I am….

Scale: -0.3 pounds
Workouts: 3/5 completed (with the weekend ahead of me)

My first group run is this Saturday. I was nervous like whoa attending the meet and greet last night at the running store. I am much better at typing than talking. BUT, I met a few people, got my training shirt and ready to own training like a boss!!

In regards to nutrition, it is all a learning process. I am almost one month in to my 100th restart and down -4 pounds. However I feel like I am working way too hard and it shouldn’t be this complicated. I feel like the stars and moon have had to align each week to actually get movement. So I’m tweaking and hope for a more consistent outcome.


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