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Fitness Friday

This week’s theme is technology, such as apps or products that help with fitness! This is a very exciting topic because for the last 9 months of my degree my research project was how technology, in relation to fitness industry, motivates us to become healthier people. Would you like to read my paper instead of a blog post?

Today I want to focus on my committed relationship with my Polar Loop.  I received this device last Christmas from the boyfriend. You could say it has gotten pretty serious as the tan line proves it.

(Sorry for no tan line picture, my iPhone wasn’t picking up the beautifulness or the lighting in this room sucks)

I, like many, wanted to jump on the wearable tracker wagon. Why the Loop? Because of the heart rate tracking that can be added during workouts. This is a huge benefit when the heart rate is up but the movement isn’t great, like cycling or Pure Barre.


To make this post easier on the eyes,  I am going to answer some made up questions that my readers may ask about the Loop…or not because they know everything.

Q1: What does the device track?

A1: It tracks the basics; steps (activity), calories, and sleep. It also knows how long you sit for and will gently nudge when it has been too long, time to get moving. As mentioned above, if you decide to get a sweat session on, their Bluetooth heart rate strap can be synced to the loop for greater accuracy (the strap is sold separately from the loop).  Everything is uploaded via USB connection to a laptop or can be synced via Bluetooth to your phone via their app (in my case an iPhone ).

Q2: Is the tracking accurate? 

A2: My best guess is yes, but I need mention a flaw. The signal between the heart rate strap and the Loop drops. Not at random but during movements where I bend over. What is the blame? Well I think it has to do with that I am woman, I am blessed up top, and the girls decided to interfere (cover) with the signal. I also had to purchase Electrode Gel for a stronger connection as well as water was not enough. Kinda frustrating but I have gotten used to it. The loop normally will re-sync once I stop bending over or I have to restart the session.

Q3: Is the device comfortable to wear?

A3: Considering the device hasn’t left my wrist except for charging I would say so. I barely notice that I have it on.

Q4: How often do you have to charge it?

A4:  When I first received the device I read I could go up to 5 days without a charge. If I am not using the heart rate tracking, I can get close to mark but honestly, I am plugging this in every 2-3 days.  Good news, the Loop charges relatively quickly.


Q5: Overall thoughts?

I really enjoy using the Loop. However, I hate that the Loop cannot be synced with websites such as MyFitnessPal. I think this is where other wearable trackers take the lead. I basically have to manually enter any calories burned to those applications. This hasn’t been a deal breaker for me, mainly because of the heart rate tracking. I would recommend this product, and it now comes in purple and blue! Snazzy.

Personal Fitness & Food Updates

Weight wise I was down -0.8 this week. This was with my eating more/sticking closer to my macro goals. I really don’t know what this week will bring because I am completely out of my routine but honestly the Polar Loop is keeping me accountable to get my steps in at a minimum. I am having a tough time meeting my protein requirements so any ideas of lower fat, higher protein foods to add to my diet, send them my way!

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